For few weekends now… I have been waiting till I get a free weekend to relax a little.. and tidy up my room a lilttle…  Nevermind about all the plans and things to do lists I have made for today.. I found myself just browsing through the net and my computer files…. wasting my time.. !!
Hmm.. and I stumbled upon a whole different life I have left behind.. but something that I have completely forgotten about… The memories of it was always inside my computer.. but I didn’t realize it until now.. .. OK now that is starting to sound a tiny bit weird.. I’m going to get to the real point I was trying to make.. 😛
I used to draw quite a bit.. and now out of laziness or just because of lost interest… I don’t do it anymore… Maybe I should give it a go on one of these days.. !! Until then I thought of uploading one of my sketches here.. its better than leaving it underneath heaps of junk in my computer… Atleast that way someone might notice .. 🙂 So here u go.

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