# Far Awayness #

I LIKE the far awayness… Now ..I know there is a technical term for this .. that I have learnt in one of my art courses.. … although I tried to remember this name .. I can never seem to remember it.. …So I invented the

# Far Awayness #…!

I always thought this is the illusion people have in their mind when they think of something complicated.. or wait for that light at the end of the tunnel… or maybe .. its what you feel when u realize this is just the beginning.. !
Maybe its the picture version of a relief at the end of a long lasting frustration… or a sigh during a never ending one…. !!
My # Far Awayness # photo collection:

Image     Image Image Image Image

Here is the link to my other photos: http://instagram.com/nad_jay/

Please check and let me know what you guys think.. 🙂 I really appreciate it… Thank you..


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