Stuff that Can’t go Wrong.. !!!

Nutella is the best! kept me going through tough times and all nighters in school.. !!

Instant fix for a stressful day … and the energy rush you need to get your stuff done.. !! 
I’m not talking about Nutella on bread or on pan cakes or on other kind of desserts..
I’m talking about fresh Nutella straight out of the bottle.. 
Through my school years.. I used to buy the medium or (maybe its the small size) version of Nutella..!! 
When I finished the whole bottle… .. or its more like a small glass with a plastic lid on it… I saved those glasses.. 
Now I have a perfect set of 8 glasses (+ more), that I can use to serve drinks in style.. well not that stylish…!! but does the job.. what matters is not the glass but the drink in it.. 
So recently I learnt how to make some amazing pomegranate/lime/cranberry juice mix, salt on the rim and a piece of lime on the side..and its good to go .. !! 
Anyway coming back to the point… I declare Nutella to be the best stress fighter, energy booster and drink maker that is out there…! I don’t think it can ever go wrong.. !! 

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