The “Like” Button.. :D

So as I was thinking what else do I like… I figured …don’t I really like this “Like” Button !?!?

There was a time we used to use our brains to remember the things we liked.. You see something you like.. then you take a mental snapshot u can recognize it when you see it again.. wow.. !!  that’s a lot of work.. Things are wayyy easy now.. think about it..

So facebook came along.. and you could network with your old buddies.. spy on their day to day activities through their picture uploads.. then came the need to say something about their lives.. so came the comment option.. ..!! but words don’t always come to your mind.. just a feeling of “i like this” does..

SO some genius invented the “like” button..!! I think that’s one of the most innovative creations of the modern world.. !!

SO join me in celebrating the “like” button.. from facebook to instagram to wordpress and many more ………



4 thoughts on “The “Like” Button.. :D

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