Moment of Truth (or Truth of the Moment) !!

Have you ever walked into a store and found a pair of jeans.. that fits perfectly and the color is exactly what you wanted..(lets say green…)  and just as you turn around to head to the cashier .. u see the same in blue.. Equally appealing or maybe even better.. now that’s how dilemma strikes ..on a very normal day where nothing is out of the ordinary.. and everything is pretty much in order..!!

So at this point u’ve already narrowed it down to the type of jean I wanted, the fit and the color. and then the only thing I got to do is buy it, wear it, look good and feel better… !! Now why did that blue pair come in to ruin my perfect day.

What would do you do..? pretend you didn’t see it..? or just suck it up and make up your mind..?? or should you consider the second pair and try it out.. compare.. pick the better one..?

Now those are the questions you should ask .. to turn a simple thought into a hair pulling.. brain twisting dilemma.. !! Sad thing is .. all these thoughts do cross ur mind sometimes.. in the same world where poverty is beyond unimaginable levels.. and people die from hunger and lack of basic needs… where asking for freedom to make their own choice are explainable crimes or mere luxuries..  !!



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