Weird Day Today Worries List.. !!


Do you have any day today things that you dread so much.. ? I would like to come up with a weird list of day today worries.. that people have.. Just to see what people come up with..
SO here goes.. comment away.. lets see what we come up with.. ! 😛

So lately I’ve been absorbed into the Hunger Games book series..and I can’t get myself to stop reading at night before I fall asleep. But I really dread the buzz of my alarm everyday in the morning.. Of course I let it snooze 3 times.. before I actually drag myself off the bed..

But every morning.. its a struggle.. I debate in my head .. if this is all worth it.. getting up.. controlling your sleep hours to get to work on time.. if all is done to be happy why drag yourself out of a cozy comfy bed..into the freezing cold, busy traffic, and then finally to a 8 hrs long work day.. !!  All this happens in just few seconds.. and then reality hits..!! Final snooze goes off and …

Before I know it I’m off my bed.. and all dressed.. and all ready to go..!!


4 thoughts on “Weird Day Today Worries List.. !!

  1. Looks like you need to find a job that you love, so you don’t feel like you are going to work everyday. Imagine if you are waking up that early to do something fun and exciting? wouldn’t you even wake up earlier than the alarm?? Something to think about from my end 🙂

  2. Its almost like I wrote this post. I’ve just blasted through the Hunger Games & Catching Fire, and am now absorbed in Mockingjay. And I too have so much difficulty getting out of bed if I don’t anticipate a good day. I’ve just decided to try my best to make every day good, no matter the circumstances. Good luck and happy reading!

    • Its so funny.. Now I’m reading Mockingjay too.. After the first two I couldn’t find time to get to Mockingjay right away… !! Now finally I’m half way through it..

      Happy reading to you too..!! 😀

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