What if..???

A wise lady once told me.. ” if you want to write something good you start with an empty page..” So here I am with an empty blog screen.. waiting for something to come to me..

While I’m waiting my mind wanders.. and suddenly I’m thinking “I wonder what will others think.. if they saw me staring at this page.. waiting.. !?”
I wonder if they think I’m stupid..  if they think I’m just wasting my time.. or I should go do something else .. But I really want to write.. !!

Now I’m debating in my head.. should I write or should I not.. because what will others say.. !?!
Does it really matter what they say or should I just stick to what I want. Am I making the right decision or just wasting my time.. ??

So what if they thought I am a loser.. does that really make me one..?
So what if others say I’m not good enough.. do I stop wanting to write.. ?

What makes me good enough ? is it  the labels that others put on me or is it what I really feel inside.. ?
I know what makes me feel good I know I should write.. but what if no one likes what I write.. should I really care about that..?



7 thoughts on “What if..???

  1. People come and go, friends come and go. Life is hard, do happy, be happy. I didnt write my blog for others, i wrote it as an expression of what im feeling. Do you, Write whats on your mind and dont look back

  2. You matter. Your very breath inspires all who are willing to listen and learn. NEVER doubt who you are. You were created out of love. Love doesn’t create junk. Honor your skill sets. Know that you have purpose and you are here for a reason. Believe it!

  3. This post is lovely, exactly how i feel, but then if you think about it,i mean who cares if no one likes my write ups right? That’s why its mine, write for you and no one else but then, who am i to talk, i write with an alter ego 🙂 lovely piece.

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