Being Grateful …. (this is my start….!!)

Have you ever wondered if only you had that one thing..?? wouldn’t life be perfect..??

Up until today I have wanted a lot of things.. I might have even achieved them.. but the wait was the  worst. While you wait you often wonder how great things will be and how lucky are the people who have it already. But years go by, and some of those things that gave you grief and sleepless nights have now vanished into thin have to take a minute to think did I really get there. Well you might have, that is possibly why you have forgotten it “Grass is always greener on the other side”.

Poems are written, movies are made and songs are sung about the pain of waiting much rather than the joy of achieving. This probably explains how badly we all wanted what we don’t have. Wanting something better is always good but it takes away from the joy of what you already have.

So bloggers.. lets take this time to be grateful for all the things you have, than spend another day, another hour waiting for the things you will most likely achieve in the future. Lets put a stop to this trap called worrying and be happy with who you are right now at this very minute.

~ inspired by my fellow bloggers who took the time to comment and read my previous blog. ~ Thank you so much… !! 🙂


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