Why worry..?

Pain comes and goes..!! But does it really ?? or do we just learn to work around it..?? Pain is worry..worry is pain.. worrying about something its the reason for pain…!!

Worry is within us all..  in the happiest and the saddest moments of life.. you worry that the good time is coming to an end.. or you worry about the sadness that never seems to end.. no matter what plans you have in life … worry and pain is bound to follow you through. Just like our shadows that we take every where we go..! sometimes its faint but sometimes its right on your face… but at the end of the day it stays in its own way.. !!

so how can you conquer this matter in life.. how do you put an end to this pain.. pain is pain .. and worry is worry.. so why worry about worry .. for it always will be .. you can ignore it.. you can try to solve it.. u can embrace it.. either way it remains.. unchanged..!!

Anyway …that’s life..! what do you do when you realize it..? you just let it be..? move on ..? keep going.. ? and feel it sometimes.. ? but let it go for the moment ..? take a breath..?? accept it and leave it.. ??

.. u cannot get rid of it.. ??? u cannot fix it..??? its there if you want to embrace it.. ??


but would you..?


“This” Moment of Time

When I moved to a new country 10 years ago .. things were challenging .. now looking back.. I only remember the good times.. But I swear things were difficult: adjusting to an all new weather, school and even finding new friends.. but somehow time solved it all.. !! Every once in a while, life reminds us of the healing power of time..!! Although we know that, we often tend to forget.. but soon we learn again when we  are hit with a new challenge in our lives.. !! This my friends ..is one of those lessons..!!


Well just like anything else in life.. Time too needs a little push sometimes.. or maybe you can call it a helping hand.. time works with you if you work towards your goals and walk towards the light.. so although you let go of the unwanted burdens and leave it on the shoulders of time.. you keep at it..you keep pushing through the hard times just as much you voluntarily do during the good times !!

Then finally after 10 years from now you can look back and you will say to yourself… “When things got difficult I did freak out.. I did question when will this end…..but I kept working towards what was important in life.. although it felt like a never ending roller coaster .. I did it.. !! and all it took was time..!! backed up with hard work.. !!”.

So again like I said.. why don’t we all take a deep breath..and leave the burdens for a later time.. and take this moment to celebrate all the good things that got you to where you are now.. and pledge  to support time when its working hard to get us to where we want to go..!! Lets own this moment out the spectrum of time..and live in that … and only that.. while past and future are all wonders of time.. that was once lived and yet to experience. … !! Lets celebrate “this” moment of time..!!

Moment of Truth (or Truth of the Moment) !!

Have you ever walked into a store and found a pair of jeans.. that fits perfectly and the color is exactly what you wanted..(lets say green…)  and just as you turn around to head to the cashier .. u see the same in blue.. Equally appealing or maybe even better.. now that’s how dilemma strikes ..on a very normal day where nothing is out of the ordinary.. and everything is pretty much in order..!!

So at this point u’ve already narrowed it down to the type of jean I wanted, the fit and the color. and then the only thing I got to do is buy it, wear it, look good and feel better… !! Now why did that blue pair come in to ruin my perfect day.

What would do you do..? pretend you didn’t see it..? or just suck it up and make up your mind..?? or should you consider the second pair and try it out.. compare.. pick the better one..?

Now those are the questions you should ask .. to turn a simple thought into a hair pulling.. brain twisting dilemma.. !! Sad thing is .. all these thoughts do cross ur mind sometimes.. in the same world where poverty is beyond unimaginable levels.. and people die from hunger and lack of basic needs… where asking for freedom to make their own choice are explainable crimes or mere luxuries..  !!