Soo Silly.. !?!?! But I Miss It ..

Has it ever happened to you.. ?? Out of no where you miss something that was once too much.. too obvious.. and too present to miss..??

So while I was tossing and turning on the bed last night.. I was hearing a light tapping on my bedroom window.. I could hear the heavy wind making a roaring sound.. the light tapping was the rain drops..!!! This very thing was¬†something¬†that made me so happy growing up .. as heavy rains meant there’s no school¬†tomorrow… !! (something like a snow day here) …I go to bed with a smile on my face.. ūüėÄ

Now where I live rain is not so common.. rarely you hear the raindrops and the wind somehow is of the abundance….Sometimes the small car I drive really feels this wind.. meaning I can’t really go light on the steering wheel without wind trying to blow away my car along with me in it.. ok now¬†that’s¬†too much of an exaggeration… But the point is wind is often heavy.. but the light rain that wash away the weary of long lasting hot summer days or almost ending cold winters.. is a rare¬†occurrence¬†.. !!

Last night with the calming sound of the raindrops .. I was half way down the memory lane until I¬†don’t¬†remember¬†anymore.. I must have fallen asleep… !

I started my school on a rainy day.. I was happy to wear my new rain coat that my dad got me for the first day of school.. other kids had umbrellas .. I liked how I was the only one in a rain coat so bright and yellow.. !! Although school has always given me chills even before I stepped foot in there.. the walk to school was always a fun one.. !! We were careful to ignore the puddles..and so quick to go to the side when a car passed through splashing all of us.. the fact that our school uniform was white .. didn’t help at all.. on a rainy day..!!

Some how the school sports meet was always on the hottest months of the year.. February..!! We only wished for rain which never came.. as for hours we were out in the burning sun for various sports events.. !! Although the¬†first poem I ever learned for¬†English¬†was “Rain Rain Go Away” this didn’t really make much sense on these sports days.. !! ..

Some how my memories, my life back home was so connected with rain.. now hearing the mere sound of rain drops alone gives me teary eyes with a gutt wrenching feeling of nostalgia.. Ohh the good old days..!!

I miss the rain..!!


So I Decided to Have a Crack at it…… (Color Your Season??) :P

So now that I have started blogging again I get to read loads of blog posts. Some are mind blowing and I’m amazed by how good people can write. ¬†Lately I started reading some poem blogs and decided to have a crack at it. ¬†Here is what I came up with.. its called “Color¬†Your Season”. It may sound like a kid wrote it.. but oh well.. here it goes.. ūüėõ

Please give me your comments and suggestions as I¬†truly¬†believe that all my fellow bloggers out there can give me all the inspiration, encouragement and guidance that I need. ¬†ūüėÄ


I have a color for each season..

where I live its the Winter now .. things tend to feel so¬†grey…. !!

But sometimes Winter likes to play games with your mind.. some days are unusually warm.. no way..!!

Like yesterday it was 10 degrees C… despite the huge snow banks you see

for a minute you do believe its the start of Spring..!!

Can’t wait for the grey to be over.. I want my¬†green¬†–¬†spring and ¬†yellow¬†–¬†summer and¬†orange¬†–¬†fall to come..!!

Fall…. :( :)

The Fall feeling is a nice but a short one.. !! It comes too fast and leaves too fast..

I have always loved the summer.. regardless of the occasional¬†extreme¬†high temperature days… !! where the sun is¬†unbearable.. sometimes it makes you feel dehydrated to the point where you are almost about to faint.. !! I used to wait for the bus in this weather.. but still I thought “atleast its not the cold”.. I hate winters.. !!¬†
Like anyone else .. I love the fresh snow fall.. brings a refreshing feel.. 
Now.. what I hate is the sustaining cold conditions.. where the snow turns brown from the traffic.. like someone puked across the whole land.. disgusting.. !! and the slippery roads..and the cars splashing snowy cold slush.. while you walk on the side walks.. plus the weird annoying sound the slush makes when u walk on it.. !!
SO this love and hate relationship I have about summer and winter… ¬†ties together perfectly in the Fall season.. I hate the idea of the transition period.. very unsettling.. belonging to either extreme helps me make up my mind..and expect what is expected..¬†
Fall has this unknown feeling of .. how the day is going to turn out.. it can be cold.. or warm.. nice or annoying.. !! the perfect balance of good and bad.. 


Although I hate this feeling .. unsettling .. unpredictable.. transition.. I love the unexpectedness of it.. !! 
The fall leaves.. yellowish green.. the summary weather that permits you to wear light clothes with a jacket on top.. the whole idea of layering…!! I was born in this season..¬†
I often wonder if thats the reason why I feel happy but sad.. sad but happy.. and when I look back… the waiting/transition period has always been the best.. the result is just blahh.. the walk towards¬†the¬†destination is the best gift.. but oh well.. unfortunately you realize this when things are already over and done with..!!