Soo Silly.. !?!?! But I Miss It ..

Has it ever happened to you.. ?? Out of no where you miss something that was once too much.. too obvious.. and too present to miss..??

So while I was tossing and turning on the bed last night.. I was hearing a light tapping on my bedroom window.. I could hear the heavy wind making a roaring sound.. the light tapping was the rain drops..!!! This very thing was something that made me so happy growing up .. as heavy rains meant there’s no school tomorrow… !! (something like a snow day here) …I go to bed with a smile on my face.. 😀

Now where I live rain is not so common.. rarely you hear the raindrops and the wind somehow is of the abundance….Sometimes the small car I drive really feels this wind.. meaning I can’t really go light on the steering wheel without wind trying to blow away my car along with me in it.. ok now that’s too much of an exaggeration… But the point is wind is often heavy.. but the light rain that wash away the weary of long lasting hot summer days or almost ending cold winters.. is a rare occurrence .. !!

Last night with the calming sound of the raindrops .. I was half way down the memory lane until I don’t remember anymore.. I must have fallen asleep… !

I started my school on a rainy day.. I was happy to wear my new rain coat that my dad got me for the first day of school.. other kids had umbrellas .. I liked how I was the only one in a rain coat so bright and yellow.. !! Although school has always given me chills even before I stepped foot in there.. the walk to school was always a fun one.. !! We were careful to ignore the puddles..and so quick to go to the side when a car passed through splashing all of us.. the fact that our school uniform was white .. didn’t help at all.. on a rainy day..!!

Some how the school sports meet was always on the hottest months of the year.. February..!! We only wished for rain which never came.. as for hours we were out in the burning sun for various sports events.. !! Although the first poem I ever learned for English was “Rain Rain Go Away” this didn’t really make much sense on these sports days.. !! ..

Some how my memories, my life back home was so connected with rain.. now hearing the mere sound of rain drops alone gives me teary eyes with a gutt wrenching feeling of nostalgia.. Ohh the good old days..!!

I miss the rain..!!



Taken for GRANTED…!!

So after my first few posts.. I kind of got into this blogging thing.. I like how it puts together what goes on in my head… so I can refer to it later..
Anyway.. I really wanted to write about something I LIKE.. nothing came to my mind ..
but just a while back … as I was going through pictures of one of my facebook buddies…. I was slammed with a sudden feeling of nostalgia.. I said to myself “what the hell am I doing here..!?!?!?.. I should be there.. ”

She was standing in the beach.. a cool/warm breeze blew her hair in such an effortless way… she has got tanned from the constant sun ..and looked really happy.. her eyes were smiling .. like to say I’m exactly where I should be !!!..the coconut trees added a perfect bit of greenery on the side…

While all this was going on I was stuck in a cubical at work.. didn’t know if it was snow or freezing rain outside.. (there are no windows close to wear my cubical is… ).. of course the cold and the winter darkness are highly expected..In my mind I was thinking “what the hell am I doing here.. !?!?!?”

So I miss the sunshine.. the cool breeze sweeping across the ocean… wearing light summary clothes…
Believe it or not.. as I was growing up in this beautiful island country of mine..before I moved to where I am now.. . I used to think “this damn sun … the salty tasting thick wind of the ocean.. the humidity.. and the traffic and all that… ” ….. And all that …is a bit out of a lot .. that I have taken for GRANTED.. !!

When I was a kid …every weekend or most free time we had.. going to the beach and playing in the sand and walking the waves.. and making sand castles … and counting ships that came to the shore as the sun sets in the background.. were some of our popular games.. …

AND Then…

I got bored.. all my friends got bored..everyone got busy with other things.. school… exams.. life.. we forgot all about the beach and the games we used to play… 10 years later.. I feel miserable thinking about it now.. I should have known better… !!! I should have spent more time at the beach.. listening to the sound of the waves and the traffic…!! Now beach is a luxury I can’t afford..


All I have now.. are the sea shells we collected from many trips to the beach …. which I held on to .. after all these years.. 🙂 I’m glad I did …. ….